About Us

Our research is focused on interactions between plants and the environment. We are interested in physiological and ecological strategies of plant species, and how plant species are distributed along environmental gradients. We are also interested in how plant processes interact with ecosystem processes. 

We employ a variety of plant physiological measurements including photosynthesis, transpiration, chlorophyll fluorescence, and hydraulics. We also utilize chemical measures of the environment, including plant tissue nutrient concentration, as well as stable isotopic composition of plants, soil, air, and water. In addition, statistical, modeling, and phylogenetic analyses are used in this laboratory to understand the relationship between plants and their environment over geological, ecological and evolutionary time scales.

Research Themes:

  • Ecology and Evolution of Plant Physiological Processes
  • Plant Responses to Drought
  • Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry
  • Advancing Methods in Plant Physiology and Ecology


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